The Effectiveness of The American Red Cross Clothing Donation Program

Clothes donations

The American National Red Cross is among the largest charity organizations in the world, and in private donations ranking, it’s the 13th largest in America. This organization received about $687 million in 2014 in private donations. When it comes donations, there are numerous ways you can show your support and organizations such as the American Red Cross allows you to participate in different capacities. Such organizations accept a wide selection of offerings from household items, furniture, books, shoes to clothing donations. These items are either distributed to the distressed in the community or turned into cash, which may be later used to finance various charitable programs such as the provision of water and food in disaster-stricken areas.

A study by the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that every year, Americans dispose of an average of 10 pounds of clothes per person. This goes to show the magnitude of wasted clothes that could have otherwise benefited many people through the American red cross clothing donations program. If you have clothes that no longer fit you or any clothing item that you don’t want, the Red Cross can help you find a good use for them. If there are clothing donations that cannot be sold through thrift stores, they are either recycled or shipped to other needy countries.

The American Red Cross clothing donations are made through three primary channels, which are drop off to the centers, donation boxes or you can schedule a home pick up. Through partnering with other non-profit organizations such as the GreenDrop, the American Red Cross has been able to receive huge tonnes of clothes donations. This has been made possible by the availability and strategic location of pick-up bins and donations boxes in the country. Some of the clothing items you can donate include sweaters, jeans, skirts, scarfs, shirts, raincoats, socks, swimsuits, jackets and pajamas. However, it’s important to donate clothes that are in good condition for easy thrift sale.

Sometimes clothing donation is not easy as it sounds because first, you have to carefully purge your closet to find out which clothes are good for donations and which ones are not. To do effectively go through this step, separate your clothes into two stockpiles. Sort the clothing you are giving away one by one and return the rest in the closet. Prepare the clothes by going through the pockets to ensure nothing is left inside. If it’s a dirty laundry, you can be generous enough and wash them before donating. Pack you donations in large tote bags with proper labeling and let the American Red Cross Clothing donations program take it from there.