The Advantages of Buying a House in the Fall Months

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The fall season is the perfect time to buy a house. Many buyers attempt to find something during the summer months and then wait until the spring to look again. However, the fall months are actually one of the best real estate times and are perfect for buying for the following reasons.

Fewer buyers on the market

With fewer buyers on the market, buyers are able to negotiate more. If you are buying a house and there are many other buyers on the market, you might actually end up paying over the asking price. However, if someone selling a house wants to move the house before winter, you might get a better deal. You will also have better real estate options. Approximately 52% of home buyers cited finding the right property as the most difficult part of buying a house. When there are fewer buyers on the market, you have more of an opportunity to find the right house.

Sellers are willing to accept a lower offer

Many real estate sellers are put on hold until they sell their house. If they are looking for a new house, they usually cannot put in an offer until they have an offer on their current house. Because offers tend to decrease in the winter months, sellers may be more willing to accept a lower offer in the fall months. This gives them the opportunity to move on with their life, finding the right house. Houses for sale during the fall months may even be listed lower to attract a quicker sale.

More comfortable renovation and move process

Moving in the middle of summer or the middle of winter can be extremely uncomfortable. If you have to do housing renovations before moving in, the weather may not cooperate for maximum efficiency. Buying a house in the fall gives you the perfect, and most comfortable of temperatures for both moving and renovating. Additionally, when you purchase in the fall, it gives you more time to plan your outdoor renovations. Typically, homeowners can get a 100% ROI on the money spent on a home?s curb appeal. Buying a house in the fall gives you an idea of the current exterior landscape of the property.

Winter is the perfect time for unpacking and settling in

If you choose to move in the spring months, you could waste your entire summer unpacking and settling in. When you move in the fall, you have all winter to complete these tasks. Many homeowners are rushing to plan a housewarming party and may even still have unpacked boxes on the day of the party. If you move in the fall, you can push your housewarming party until the spring months, giving you plenty of settling in time. By the time spring comes, your house will be ready to entertain and show off.

Perfect timeline for hosting the holidays

If you have always dreamed of hosting the holidays, a fall sale is perfect. Buying a house during the fall months gives you plenty of time to close and then settle in for the holidays. You can decorate and use your kitchen for a big meal for the first time. The holidays are also a great time to show off your new house and to accommodate family from out of town. Approximately 32% of people looking to buy new homes are first time home buyers, meaning for many, this is the first house they have to entertain in.

Buying a house can be a timely process. For some reason, many buyers take a break between the summer and spring months. Yet, this can be one of the best real estate buying times. There are more MLS listings with fewer buyers, driving down the price. The weather is also comfortable and perfect for moving and renovating. The fall months also put you in your house just in time to enjoy your first holiday.