Renting Chairs and Tents for an Outdoor Event

Many different parties and events can be hosted at rental indoor spaces, such as ballrooms or convention centers or a restaurant’s private rooms. Picture a trade show, for example, or a wedding reception or a large birthday party. Still, many event organizers choose to host these activities outside during fair weather, and that calls for tent rentals and finding a park with enough open space. Party tent rentals, stacking chair rentals, table rentals, and linen rentals form the core of organizing an outdoor party, and an outdoor party can have other accessories added too, either for comfort or decoration. But stacking chair rentals and tent rentals must be done in the correct order, so the party organizers do not accidentally order too many tables or the wrong-sized tent. How can this be done smoothly and efficiently?

The Guest List and Floor Space

It is not a good idea to leap right to renting a party tent, and estimating the necessary square footage can lead to some problems. It is a waste of money and space to rent a tent that’s too large, and a too-small tent can’t even hold everyone. Instead, before tent rentals or even stacking chair rentals, the party organizers should finalize the guest list and perform a count. Any large party such as a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday party, or charity meal event will include a guest list, and once the list is finalized, it is time for table and chair rentals. The event’s organizers will visit local table and stacking chair rental companies, and look over the different models of chairs and tables available there. Different tables come in different sizes and can seat various numbers of people, so the party organizers can choose from round tables, long rectangular ones, square ones, and more. Once that is done, stacking chair rentals come next, to save space in storage. Optionally, the renters can also get padding to put on hard, bare wood or metal chairs if desired.

Once all the tables and chairs are rented, that is the perfect reference to figure out how much floor space is going to be occupied. All tables and chairs should be arranged so there is adequate room between the tables for people to walk, not to mention enough room for everyone to slide their chairs in and out with ease. Some parties are larger than others, but however much square footage is needed, it is vital to have a concrete number on hand and not an estimate.

Party Rentals for Linens and Tents

Renting tables and chairs comes first. Now it is time for the fabrics that complete the setup. Take note that table rental companies don’t typically offer the linens to go with them, so the party organizers can turn to specialized linen rental companies to satisfy this need. With all the tables rented and accounted for, it should be easy to know the number and size of linens to rent, so the tables can be properly covered. As for the color and material of those linens, that is a matter of preference, such as between cotton or silk, lace or patterns, and particular colors. So long as the number and size is correct, the rest is aesthetics.

Now it is time for tent rentals. The event’s organizers can look up and visit local tent rental firms and visit them in person, to look over the different party tent models available. Many such tents are rectangular and have flat roofs, rather than a semi-conical tents like one would see at a circus. Visiting in person is important, so the renters can look over a tent for rips, tears, holes, or stains before renting it. As for accessories, a tent may also come with fabric walls to create a more formal and stylish indoor look, complete with clear plastic windows. This also offers more privacy, and insurance against sudden strong winds or rain. In hot or chilly weather, heaters or air conditioner units can be mounted right into the tent’s walls, and strings of lights can be hung on the tent’s ceiling and supports for style and illumination. Also, dance floor plates can be added so dancers don’t have to stand on the bare ground.