Professional Cleaning Services on the Rise in Offices, Apartments, and Homes

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Who wouldn’t like to return home or go into your office and be greeted by a clean space? Thanks to cleaning services, this can be a reality for you, just as it is for many Americans across the U.S. Finding a maid service is easy, and they provide many benefits, including extra time to spend with family and a healthier, more sanitary environment to work or live in.

The fact that there are nearly 894,920 maids currently working in the United States means that more and more Americans are beginning to see the value of cleaning services. Office cleaning, apartment cleaning, house cleaning, professional cleaning services exist to tackle whatever mess you need cleaned.

From a home or apartment cleaning standpoint, a dependable house cleaning service can save a family an average of 30 days, or 730 hours, a year. This is time that the mother, father, and children won’t have to spend doing tedious, daily chores. They’ll be able to spend their time going on trips or doing fun activities together instead, and mom and dad will have the peace of mind in knowing that their homes are clean and sanitary for their children.

An office can greatly benefit from a regular office cleaning service. How? It’s simple. When an office is regularly cleaned and sanitized, employees will be less likely to catch illnesses like the common cold. It’s estimated that the chance of catching something like the common cold will be reduced by 80% if the office is cleaned on a consistent basis. This means that businesses will see a decrease in absent employees, by 46%! A clean office is also beneficial because things like regular exposure to dust can negatively impact an employee’s cognitive skills by up to 6%. This is something that can be avoided with a cleaning service.

If you do decide to hire a cleaning service for your house, office, or apartment cleaning, it’s important to look for cleaning services that use safe cleaning products — known as green cleaning products. These type of cleaning products are free of harmful chemicals, and have become so popular that the sale of these safe cleaning products has risen 35% in recent years. It’s important to use safe products when cleaning, because traditional chemical cleaning products have been found to be harmful to human health and the environment. In fact, studies carried out by the EPA have found links between chemical cleaning products and a rise in cancer rates.

As long as you do your research and find a reputable cleaning service for your next home, office, or apartment cleaning, you’ll ensure that your space is clean and safe for anyone living or working in that space. So go ahead, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying the convenience of hiring someone to clean your space, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or seasonal. There’s a cleaning service out there that’s right for you.