Poor Sleep is Caused by Cheap Matresses

Adjustable bed base

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the average American probably spends approximately 3,000 hours every year lying on a mattress. With so much time yet to be invested similarly, an adjustable bed will make the future of sleep a dreamily comfortable one. Waking up sore, stiff and in pain is not the way to go to work, and it is not the way to look forward to a night’s sleep. Just as a job requires tools and furniture to get the job done, so too does the human body require an ergonomic platform to perform. Even when at full rest, the human body is still working, and its furniture should be an adjustable mattress.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported that people who sleep fewer than seven hours a night claim they are likely to fall asleep during the day approximately once a month, behavior which is too often the result of not sleeping on an adjustable mattress. Poor circulation, muscle fatigue, swelling, heartburn and acid reflux are just some of the problems that can result during and from poor sleep, and nothing may help better than an adjustable bed to lessen such pains. Sleeping in a semi-recumbent position, which can be easily done with an adjustable bed, can also help to prevent some snoring as well as pain induced by uncomfortable positions and surfaces. The optional massage and heat functions of this adjustable mattress may help to alleviate the pain of a hard day’s work as well as make that work well worth it.

Adjustable beds have been helping people to sleep better, work better and live better. With adjustable heating, cooling and massage options, the modern adjustable bed is an investment in comfort that will make being awake productive, energetic and happy.

Even if back pain, circulatory problems and joint stiffness is not a problem, a great many people experience sleep interruption. According to a 2015 survey by One Pole, problems related to temperature in the middle of the night cause 86% of people to wake up during that time. They may be too hot or too cold and as a result, they kick off their covers in an attempt to regulate their body temperature. With an adjustable bed, the optional heating accessory can help mitigate such problems be providing a fully supportive bed replete with an adjustable mattress.

Like the restlessness caused by undesirable temperature, many Americans suffer from basic stress and tension. With an adjustable bed, muscle pain associated with work and play can be eased with this adjustable mattress and its renowned features which allows for separate upper and lower segments of the bed to be raised and lowered. This can improve blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue and aid in finding the perfect sleep position for the body. With all the great options offered by an adjustable bed, getting up in the morning will be a joyful event.