Planning to Relocate? Hire Professional, Certified Movers

Hiring a moving company

Every year, about 35.1 million people in the United States move to a new house, apartment, or another type of living situation. Given the frequency with which Americans relocate, the moving industry was able to create 186,722 jobs to accommodate this need. On an annual basis, this industry earns $12.6 billion. However, in 2016, the economic impact on this industry was estimated at $85.7 billion.

Where Are People Relocating?

You may be interested in knowing which states Americans are moving to or from. The states with the highest percentage of new residents are New York, Illinois, and New Jersey. This amounts to 63% of the moves recently made. When considering the state with the highest percentage of people leaving, South Dakota is at the top of this list. This amounts to 68% of the total moves recently made out of this state.

How Much Does it Usually Cost to Move?

The costs of moving do vary. To give you a basic idea, however, here are some recent approximate figures:

  • An interstate move: $4,300
  • An intrastate move: $2,300

The interstate figure takes into account that you would be moving roughly 1,225 miles away.

What if I need to Put Some of My Belongings in Storage?

If you’re planning to put some of your belongings in storage before or after your move, these rates will also vary. Some cities charge more than others, of course, so it’s not surprising to hear that annual self-storage revenue within the United States amounts to $36 billion.

If you currently live in, or are planning to move to, one of the following cities, they have the most expensive storage rates:

  • San Francisco: $160.00 a month
  • Los Angeles: $153.00 a month
  • San Jose: $153.00 a month
  • New York: $137.00 a month
  • San Diego: $136.00 a month

Tips for Hiring a Moving Company

If you’re looking for tips for hiring a moving company, you want to be sure that you hire professional movers. Since you want the best moving service possible, make sure that this company only uses certified movers. This is because professional certified movers have extensive training as well as experience. Furthermore, certified movers will be efficient and reliable, which is exactly what you need when moving locally or to another state.