Planning Ahead a When Furnishing a Home

Tips for purchasing a mattress

Buying furniture and furnishing a home can involve some major decision-making. Not only is furniture a big ticket item for most people, you will be living with your choices for a long time to come. Most types of mattress will last up to ten years, and if you choose high quality pieces for your living room or dining room, they may become family heirlooms. So when it comes to important choices like memory foam vs spring mattress or which home furnishing styles are right for you, a little research in advance can help you make the right choices.

Pick a theme: beach house

One of the most popular ideas for furnishing a home is to pick a theme, perhaps based on the location of your home or condo. For beach houses or condos located near the sea, expert designers suggest finding ways to simulate a water view. Decor items and colors like sea grass, driftwood textures, sandy neutrals, and sea blues are reminiscent of the beach and create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Another idea for furnishing a condo near the beach is to use sheer, lightweight curtains to bring the airy effect of the beach to the bedroom.

Urban shabby chic uses recycled materials

Urban shabby chic or industrial chic uses recycled and reclaimed materials. The more creative the use of recycled materials, the better. The recycled materials could be industrial or agricultural. Wood can be reclaimed from just about anything: old furniture, door, windows, buildings, barns and even bridges.

In fact furniture made from barnwood is very popular and highly sought after. The wood has weathered and aged to acquire a distinctive richness and patina.

Plan ahead: will the furniture ft your space?

Planning ahead means not just thinking in terms of design, theme and color, but also size and proportion. Will the furniture you plan to buy fit in your space without overcrowding? In fact it’s a good idea to measure your rooms before you head for the furniture showroom, so you can tell if the furniture is right for your space.

And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for advice from furniture professionals. With their wide experience, they are well placed to advise you on major furniture buying decisions, such as: should you buy a leather sofa? And what are the pros and cons of buying a memory foam vs spring mattress?