Party Rentals in New Jersey

Party rentals in NJ (New Jersey), and in fact anywhere, call for some hardware such as tables, linens, or even large party tents for outdoor events. Often, it is weddings that call for party rentals stuff and party equipment such as tables, chairs, and linens, but the same can be done for a large birthday party or a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. The organizers of an event can look online to find the best local companies that can lend them the right gear, since items like party tents and a bunch of tables and chairs aren’t practical to buy. Instead, renting them is a budget-friendly and smart choice, and a person can look up “party rentals in NJ Newark” or more broadly, “party rentals in NJ near me” if they need to. They can also narrow down the search to “party rentals in NJ tents” for tent rental in particular. Different hardware such as tents, chairs, and linens may be found from different companies.

Tables and Chairs

How many items need to be rented, and what size and type should they be? And what about the tent itself? It will not turn out well if the event’s organizers try to “eyeball it” and make some estimates, or logistical problems might come up. But how can they determine the total square footage needed, or the number of chairs or tables to rent? There’s a certain order to all that, and it all starts with the guest list.

An event such as a birthday party and certainly a wedding will have a guest list, and party organizers will wait until that list is finalized and the number of attendees is set in stone. Once a hard figure is available, the organizers can use that information to determine the total number and types of chairs and tables to rent for everyone. Tables can be square, circular, or long tables, and different types may be preferred based on the event. A wedding, for example, will probably involve a number of round tables that seat around eight to 12 people each. The event’s organizers may choose the types of tables to use, and determine how many people will sit at each. This, in turn, will determine how many tables of that type to get. That may vary widely, since the event may be a birthday party with 50 guests or a large wedding with 300 guests.

Determining the number and type of tables will in turn set up where the chairs are arranged. Now that the quantity of tables and chairs is set, the event’s organizers must determine how to space them. These tables and chairs need to have some space in between them and not just be crammed together. Tables should have enough space so that people can walk in between them, and spaced so that people can easily slide chairs in and out to sit down or get back up. In many cases, two chairs facing each other must each be able to slide all the way back without overlapping with each other. Once this is figured out, the space occupied by all tables and chairs, and their maneuvering room, will determine the total square footage of the area. This number may be many thousands of square feet, and no ordinary awning can cover all of that. Instead, the party’s planners can rent a party tent.

Tents and Linens and More

Determining the type and number of tables, and the total square footage occupied, allows the party planners to move on to the linens and tent. They can find local tent rental companies who offer tents in the size needed, and visit the company’s premises to look those tents over and check them for any defects before renting them. Tents might have rips, tears, stains, or an ugly color that may not be desired. Some tents might even feature fabric walls with clear plastic windows. Meanwhile, knowing the total number and type of tables is the perfect reference for renting linens to drape over their tables for appearances and to prevent stains or damage to the wood. The fabric, color, and style of linens may be dictated by the event’s guests of honor, such as a bride and groom.