Moving and Storage Service The More Simple Option for Relocating

Moving and storage company

Are you getting ready to relocate for college? For a new job? To move closer to family and friends? If so, you’d probably love your move to be as simple as possible without a lot of heavy lifting. While you could call your friends to help you move from Point A to Point B, why not hire a local moving and storage service to assist you instead? When you work with professional moving companies, they will be able to handle your bulky furniture as well as the family’s antiques.

If you’re moving to attend college or graduate school, you’re in good company. College graduates, for instance, are more likely to live in several states, too. Around 77% of college graduates have actually relocated at least once, while 56% of adults with a high school diploma or less have done so.

Renters usually move more often than homeowners, and a recent survey showed that 33% of renters tend to move every year. The average person in the United States, however, will move roughly 12 times throughout their life. While 57% of the participating adults said they’ve never lived out of their current home states, 15% have actually lived in 4 or even more states. It’s interesting to note that 37% of the participants had never moved from their home towns, while 63% have moved to a new community 1 or more times.

While some Americans may move quite a few times, they still choose to remain in their hometowns to be closer to immediate and extended family members. Being part of a community is obviously important, and what better place to create and maintain those roots than to stay close to home.

When people do move away from their immediate hometown, t’s not unusual for them to live within an hour’s drive. Others, however, may feel a need to explore new communities that feel more like home for them. When you’re in the process of exploring a new community, you may want to have moving companies keep your items in storage until you make a final decision about whether to live.

A recent survey showed that over 23% of adults born in the United States continue to search for a place that feels like home. As a result, they’ve lived in several communities, and 38% shared that where they’re now living isn’t their “heart home.”

Whether you’re moving for school, to explore career options, or any number of other reasons, using moving companies can streamline this process. While moving can be stressful, it can also be an exciting time. Just imagine the new community and opportunities you will discover.

Are you planning to move within the same state? The American Moving and Storage Association reports that the average cost to do so is about $1,170.00. If you’re planning to move out of the state, then when you contact residential movers, they’ll be able to provide you with an estimate.