Make a Splash in a Beachfront Home

How to find good real estate agent

Waterfront real estate for sale is very desirable, especially in warm and sunny areas like Sarasota, Florida. When there is beach property for sale, it typically doesn’t stay on the market for too long. Whether you’re selling, or looking to buy, the right real estate agent can help you reach your goals in no time at all.

Sarasota, Florida is a beach town with a population of 52,501 people. regularly makes a list of the top 100 cities in the United States and Sarasota is listed as number 17 and said to have the strongest arts, entertainment, recreation, accommodation and food services. Sarasota has very long, warm and humid summers. Afternoons often hit 90 degrees or higher and evenings usually only drop to the 70s. One of the nicer aspects of Sarasota is that the average commute is only 19 minutes long. There is no lack of activity and fun things to do in Sarasota, either. In fact, in the late 1880s golf was introduced to the city from Scotland, and today there are more than 30 golf courses downtown. There’s plenty of beautiful beach property, great shopping, wonderful places to eat and many great day time activities and many options for those who love the night life.

Located in Sarasota, Florida is Siesta Beach, the number one beach in the United States according to TripAdvisor in 2015. Since burning hot sand is not pleasant or safe, Siesta Beach has provided sand that is 99% pure quartz, making it soft and cool to the touch instead of painfully hot. The luxury homes and waterfront homes in Siesta Beach are a prime spot and a beautiful, exciting place to live. The real estate for sale in the area is very worth looking into and will not disappoint. It’s a favorite spot to the locals, and for good reason.

According to a survey, 71% of luxury home buyers around the world say that location is the top priority when checking out the real estate for sale. Buyers also stated that they are willing to pay higher prices for homes that have a great surrounding area than a large size, historic significance or famous previous owners. The prime location for these buyers is beach property and waterfront homes. This makes Sarasota a fantastic place to look into real estate, as many of the properties for sale or on or near the beach or water. It’s even currently a great time to purchase real estate for sale in Sarasota, as home appreciation has risen 14.9% over the last 12 months.