Looking For A Shed? Why You Should Consider Amish Made Products

You don’t need a shed until you really need a shed — which can make the process of looking for one a bit intimidating. Sheds are essentially products that we don’t think about buying until we’ve run out of space. Whether you’re looking to store garden equipment or even furniture or clothing items that you don’t have room for in your home, however, you will want to invest in a high quality shed. Sheds aren’t just meant to house your belongings, but keep them safe. Therefore, they need to be built to last, and protect what they house from the elements.

With that being said, many are looking towards Amish built sheds, as opposed to the mass-produced sheds that they can buy on the mainstream market. Amish products come in many different forms — there are also Amish dog houses available, as well as Amish gazebos and Amish built garages. However, some steer clear from Amish products because they’re worried about their accessibility, or perhaps their price. Are they really worth it? Let’s find out.

The Value of Amish Sheds: The Lifespan Versus The Investment

Any shed is going to be a significant investment — if you can find a shed that is truly cheap, there is likely some sort of catch that comes with it. Keep in mind that buying a shed secondhand, for example, means that you’re buying a product that has already undergone a certain amount of wear and tear, and has already had time shaved off of its lifespan. On average, a wooden shed should last at least 15 to 20 years, and Amish built sheds are no exception. If you’re storing relatively stable products that won’t add any further damage to the shed itself, like garden equipment, a wooden shed may last even longer. When looking at Amish sheds compared to sheds on the mainstream market, you may find that the Amish shed has a higher market value than the alternatives. This is because Amish sheds are built to last, and are handcrafted. Therefore, you’re not just paying for the shed itself, but its longevity and the level of craftsmanship that has been put into the shed’s creation.

Customization: Getting The Product You Need

Another advantage of buying an Amish shed as opposed to an alternative is that you can get exactly what you need, versus a stock product that is just like anything else. This is particularly important when you’re buying a shed. Whether you’re storing garden equipment or moving boxes, you’ll need a certain amount of space, and sometimes matching your measurements to a product that has already been designed isn’t specific enough. It’s always recommended that you add 25% to your estimated space needs when calculating the required size of a shed. As 100% of Amish furniture is handcrafted, you can expect similar production levels to be applied to Amish sheds, which means that there is more potential to customize your shed to your exact specifications. This way, you’ll have much less to worry about in regards to your investment actually working for you!

The Quality of Amish Craftsmanship: Understanding The Difference

Returning to the idea that you’re paying for Amish craftsmanship — what is that really worth? To those of us unfamiliar with Amish built products, it may seem somewhat confusing. The fact is that the Amish have been practicing woodworking for centuries, and have specific techniques that can be applied to both leisure products, like furniture, and practical products, like sheds. Indeed, because the Amish themselves rely on products like sheds to store everything from their own garden equipment to livestock equipment, they are specifically equipped to produce quality products. For that matter, Amish made products are created using sustainable lumber, and as it is American made it doesn’t need to be transported overseas.

By buying Amish made products, consumers are ultimately buying products of a higher quality that will actually last, while also supporting centuries-old traditions and values. In this case, everyone benefits!