Linen Sheet Popularity is Rising: Here’s Why

linen sheet set

Choosing new sheets can be a hassle if you’re not sure what to look for. Everybody is different, and different people prefer different sheet styles. Linen sheets, in particular, seem to be gaining popularity. Here are some ways that linen sheet sets can benefit sleepers:

Traps In Heat
Falling asleep shivering or waking up in the middle of the night to a freezing room can be extremely frustrating. Linen sheets can be a great way to keep the warmth inside your bed so that you can stay nice and cozy at night.

Keeps You Cool
If linen sheets keep you warm when it’s cold out, what about when it’s hot out? According to a few studies, a person wrapped in linen perspires almost two times less than other sleepers wrapped in cotton or viscose sheets. In hot weather, linen keeps a person’s skin temperature three to four degrees cooler than people using silk or cotton sheets.

Organic linen sheet sets are a great way to continue living an organic lifestyle. Other non-organic sheets are manufactured with chemicals that could be unhealthy. Organic fibers do just the opposite; manufactured with no chemicals, they are designed to help your skin. Plus, they’re soft to the touch!

No Static Feeling
Pajamas rubbing against bed sheets that cause static can be a nightmare. The sound itself is very annoying and a big enough static jolt can actually harm you. Linen sheets do not accumulate static electricity. Adding small amount of flax fibers to your sheets will be enough to completely eliminate the static effect.

Other sheets begin to wear out after a few washes, but linen sheets actually become more comfortable over time. The fabrics in linen are very strong against water so they can last much longer in the wash. The more you clean and wash your linen sheets, the softer they’ll become!

Because of the various styles of sheets out there, the kind of sheet set someone decides on really depends on the individual person. Try out a few kinds, but if you like being warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot, static-free, organic, and enjoy durability, a linen sheet set may just be what you’re looking for.