Keep Your Cut Flowers Looking Great for Longer with These 8 Tips

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We love to get and send flowers. Flower delivery is big for events such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. The vast majority of flowers are bought for the December holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah. Plants or flowers are bought by around 30% of the adult population during this season. At least 66% of people who observe Mother’s Day buy from florists for that day. They spent about $2.6 billion. In 2015, nearly 35% of all adults bought flowers for this holiday, according to the National Retail Federation.

Here are some tips to keep those flowers from the local florist looking great longer:

  1. Cut flowers need fresh water. As soon as you get them home, put your cut flowers in water. Experts at flower shops like to remind customers that the more flowers are included in an arrangement, the more water will be needed in the vase, Keep the flowers happy by checking the level and switching out the water every day.
  2. Use filtered water. Your flowers do not need fancy water such as a special brand and you can use straight tap water but filtered water can keep some kinds of plants and flowers looking better for longer. Ask the local florist if you have any questions about what kind of water is best for your plants or floral arrangements. For some, there is no difference between filtered and tap.
  3. To let your flowers get the most from the water, cut the stems. Your floral arrangement needs to get the water up the stems. The best way to make sure that happens is to cut the stems before you put them in your vase. When you check and change the water every day, recut the stems. The stem end will dry up within a few seconds of being out of the water. When you cut the stems, do this on a diagonal, not a straight cut. This will create more surface area to allow the flowers to get more water in.
  4. Feed your flowers. Many floral arrangements come with a packet of flower food. This was not put there by the florist for show and can help extend the “life” of your flowers. This food powder can really help nourish your floral arrangement. The food packet should have nutrients, a substance to keep the water at the right pH level and encourage the flowers to take in the right amount of water, and probably some amount of bleach. The bleach keeps bacteria from growing in the water. Use the powder over a period of days. Every day when you change the water, sprinkle some more food in.
  5. Make your own flower food. If the florist did not add a packet of food, you can make your own (or visit your local florist to get some). Take some sugar, juice from a lime or lemon and some plain bleach. This will kill any bacteria that can age your flowers, nourish your flowers and help the stems remain open and receptive to the water they need to stay looking great.
  6. Be careful about where you place your flowers. Like most things, when flowers get warmer, they lose more water. Placing them in a spot that gets direct sunlight is a good way to age them faster. They should also be kept away from your heater vents and doors to the outside. When you go to bed, put your flowers in the refrigerator. This can keep them looking great longer.
  7. Use a vase that has been sterilized. Use bleach and water to clean the vase you are going to use for your floral arrangements. In a pinch, you can use soap and water but bleach really is best.
  8. Pay no attention to myths. Over the years, people have said a number of things about what keeps flowers looking great. These suggestions range from putting aspirin, vodka, pennies or soda have little actual value. Florists say that there is no evidence that adding any of these things to a floral arrangement will have any impact.

Everyone loves getting arrangements from the florist. If you follow these tips, you can keep them looking really great for longer.