If Your Body is Able to Filter Water, Shouldn’t Your Home be Able to do the Same?

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The human body is nearly 80% water, and as a result, nearly every action in your body is influenced and affected by how hydrated you are. So if water influences that much of your body, doesn’t it make sense that the water you’re putting into your body is pure and uncontaminated?

Keeping track of the things in your water may have been a difficult task in the past, but with whole house filtration systems, you can rest easy knowing that your drinking water will come out of the faucet without any hard materials in it. Hard water is defined as water that has a high mineral content. If your water leaves a residue on your sink or counter, then you may have a hard water issue. Nearly 80% of homes are negatively affected by hard water, but the solution is as simple as investing in a whole house filtration system.

Another problem that plagues homeowners is chlorine content in their water. While whole house filtration can help soften the water in your home, it can also aid in chlorine removal. Chlorine, in very small doses, isn’t harmful to your body, but when there are more chemicals and minerals in your water, your body is at a greater risk for dehydration. You may not think that dehydration is a major issue, but it’s become known as “the hidden epidemic” in recent years. Ideally, you should be drinking approximately two liters of water every day to keep your body functioning to the best of its abilities. Drinking less than that can lead to feelings of sluggishness and increased hunger, not to mention a dry mouth!

You may be wondering what hard and soft water have to do with hydration, but the truth is that with a higher mineral content in your drinking water, your body may not be getting the amount of water it needs. Most water softeners operate using reverse osmosis, which filters water through a series of devices to eliminate hard minerals. If you’re concerned about the water coming through your faucets, don’t hesitate to look into filtration systems for your home! For the sake of your home and your health, make sure you know what’s in your water.