How To Plan A Successful Party Everyone Can Enjoy

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Throwing a party and making sure it has all of the right elements can be stressful. You want everyone to enjoy themselves, and that means guests ranging from young children to adults. Whether you’re trying to put together a birthday party, a church event, or a school event, organizing the party can be tricky. Here are five ways to make sure you include all the right elements so that everyone can have fun!

1. Invest in a bounce house

Bounces houses are a great addition to any party because it gives children something to enjoy while their parents and other adults are chatting with other guests. It’s also a great workout for anyone of any age. In fact, a person uses 14 muscles throughout his or her body when they jump. Imagine how many calories you must be burning when you’re in a bounce house! It’s a fun and healthy way for a child to get exercise while they are at the party, and is something they can enjoy with their friends. NASA reports that 10 minutes of jumping is actually better than going for a 30 minute run! Bounce houses come in a variety of shapes and designs, so there is surely one that is perfect for the kind of party you are throwing.

2. Make sure there is plenty of food

Everyone enjoys good food, and it’s one of the many pleasures in life! If you’re planning on ordering pizza, make sure you order enough for everyone, and the same goes for a BBQ. Make sure to ask your guests to RSVP if it’s a small gathering so that you can get an accurate head count of how much food will be needed. If you are hosting a big party, you’ll have to guess how much food you need, as there might be unexpected guests. It’s always better to buy more food and not use it because then you can return it. Buying too little food can be deterimental to the success of your party, especially if there are children who will be hungry. Running out of food at a party is a nightmare!

3. Have enough water on hand

Whether you’re planning on serving alcohol at the party for the adults, or are steering clear to keep it purely PG, you have to make sure you have enough water on hand. Generally parties for grade school-aged children will have about 10-25 guests, and the majority will be children and only a few adults that might stay to help with the party or watch their children. This is especially true if you will be hosting the party outdoors and the weather will be warm. If you know there will be children at the party and they will be playing games or enjoying inflatable toys like bounce houses and water slides, you’ll want to keep them hydrated. Too much time in the sun and heat can cause dehydraton, which can make a child feel ill.

4. Make sure to have a water slide!

This is especially important for the summertime. An inflatable water slide is a great option for keeping children cool and giving them something they can all enjoy together. In fact, adults might even want to join in on the fun! Inflatable water slides give everyone of an age something fun to the do at the party, and during the summer, helps to offer a break from the heat. If you don’t have a swimming pool but still want to offer guests an activity that involves water to help with the summer heat, this is a perfect option.

Are you trying to plan a party and are looking for fun elements to add in that everyone can enjoy? Share your ideas about the perfect game or element to add to your party in the comments!