How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Different Occasions

Anniversary flowers

Picking up flowers for a last-minute occasion but not sure which to choose? With plenty of fragrant options filling your local florist, consider floral symbolism when making this sweet gesture. Whether in simple bouquets or more elaborate floral arrangements, follow these ideas for an extra meaningful gift.

Occasion: Anniversary
Flower: Anything Seasonal
When surprising your sweetheart, a seasonal arrangement is a thoughtful reminder of your special day. Flower color will help set the mood – lighter, brighter colors for a playful feel and darker, warmer tones to keep things passionate.

Occasion: A Friend’s Birthday
Flower: Yellow Roses
This bright colored bud represents
joy and friendship. Add an extra sprinkle of happiness to your friend’s day with this joyful bouquet. When considering an arrangement, personal touches of their favorite flowers, or their birth month flower, will also brighten their day.

Occasion: Get Well Soon
Flower: Marigolds and Tulips
When wishing someone well, spread a message of strength with a bouquet of marigolds, which represent resilience. If you are bringing the flowers to a hospital and need something less fragrant, try adding some color to the room with tulips.

Occasion: Funeral
Flower: Yellow Daylillies
The symbol of the soul leaving the body, yellow daylillies are an appropriate funeral flower. If you are sending a sympathy gift while not attending the funeral, choose something red or white. These colors represent a celebration of life in a time of mourning.

Occasion: Birth of a Child
Flower: Chrysanthemums
In the United States and Britain, chrysanthemums represent longevity and rebirth. Also consider a bright, cheerful arrangement including the child’s birth month flower.

Occasion: Mother’s Day
Flower: Pink Carnations
Carnations are a traditional Mother’s Day flower. Choose pink to symbolize love and gratitude for the mothers in your life. On a warmer note, red carnations symbolize admiration. If you are remembering a mother who has passed, symbolize their importance by placing white carnations in your home.

Occasion: Romance
Flower: Roses
Red roses may be the greeting card symbol of love, but Valentine’s Day is not the only time to show your affection. Choose pink for a touch of elegance, or consider a bouquet of general yellow flowers to symbolize joyful affection.

When choosing the perfect floral design for your friend or loved one, consider these symbols as a guide while using your own creativity to add personal touches.