How Many Times Have You Moved in Your Life?

This is an exciting time for your daughter. After finishing a four year Bachelor of Arts degree in biology, she then made the decision to attend a one year accelerated nursing program where she would complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her first four year degree was in a small liberal arts college down south, living in dorms that were very old. The move to a nursing program back home meant that she could have lived with her parents, but the drive was going to challenging. Instead, she opted to sign a lease for a brand new apartment building that was just two blocks from the campus. Labeled as student housing, but not an actual part of the college, your daughter was excited about the option. In the end, however, she needed more moving assistance than she thought because the new apartment was not ready in the summer as promised. Instead, she found herself relocating to the downtown apartment in the middle of her first eight week set of courses.
There were some benefits to the late move in date. In addition to providing professional moving assistance, the complex also lowered the rent significantly as none of the amenities were ready. She literally was living in a brand new full furnished apartment in the middle of a construction zone. The fact that her undergraduate scholarship paid for her room and board as well as her tuition meant that she did not have much of an idea of how expensive rent could be. These last 12 months in the rent lowered new apartment also skewed her vision of what it costs to live downtown. As she spent time with new classmates and friends, however, she began to get a picture of the best places to live and what that would cost. Fortunately, the last five years of low rent meant that she had very little debt, so although it would be a shock to start paying full rent, she at least had some money saved.

With her completed degree just a few months away, she is now looking at a permanent apartment location and the does not think she will need much moving assistance making this final transition into an apartment that is not part of any student housing building.

Apartment Rentals Are Increasingly Popular in Many Parts of the Country

Although home loan interest rates are at some of the lowest they have been in decades, it is important to realize that the most recent college graduates are also notorious for switching jobs. In fact, called the Job Hopping Generation, many of the latest new graduates are simply better off renting as they are not likely to be staying at their first job for more than five years. That half a decade cut off, of course, is kind of the mark that economists suggest is the amount of time you should plan to stay in a home if you want to buy, rather than rent.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the trend for renters in this country and the reason that professional moving assistance is so often needed:

  • although many people move often, many of these moves are fairly short distances. For example, 57% of adults have not lived outside their current home state in the U.S. At the opposite end of the spectrum, of course, are the 15% have lived in four or more states.
  • 63% of adults indicate that they have moved to a new community at least once in their lives, while 37% indicate that they have never left their hometowns.
  • Not surprising, Americans who have never left their home towns have a greater number of extended family members who live within an hour’s drive of them than do Americans who no longer live in their hometowns, resulting in a median of nearly eight versus. about three.
  • The latest research indicates that 33% of renters move each year.
  • The average person moves 12 times in a lifetime.
  • 43 million Americans move every year.
  • 40% of all moves are due to work, 42% are personal moves, and 18% of moves are because of military or government relocations.
  • Between the beginning of May and Labor Day, nearly half of all moves take place in the summer.