How Farms and Ranches Can Offer More Job Security

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Agricultural production has been a thriving business since well before the expansion of the industrial age. Farming and ranching have always been a necessary factor in civilized society and will continue to be. Even now there more than 2.2 million farms in operation throughout the United States.

Not only have farms and ranches been providing people with the food and goods they need to survive for countless years, but they have been the source of financial support for countless individuals and their families. These industries are so prevalent in some states that for devoted areas such as Texas, one out of every seven working citizens — about 14% of employed people — work in agriculture-related positions. The prevalence of jobs available in this industry is a hugely important factor to the economy.

This is especially true in relation to smaller or family owned businesses. In a time where almost all other industries are in some way connected and operated as a portion of an enterprise, agricultural work still offers the possibility for individuals to remain self-employed. There are currently an estimated 96.4% of crop-producing farms in the United States that are owned and run by families.

The constant and never ending need for produce such as wheat and corn, which lay at the heart of so many other operations, is one of the few cases of legitimate job security still available to the public. The work required to successfully grow and harvest crops or livestock takes dedication and serious work ethic; those able to handle these tasks can make a very promising and secure future for themselves and their families.

An added bonus of operating farms or ranches is the ability to work at home. The vast majority of independently owned agricultural workers live on the same ranch or farm land that they manage. For the foreseeable future, there won’t be a time where the world isn’t going to need flour or cattle. With the work ethic to do it correctly, operating farms or ranches can make for a great career.