Home Inspections and Lead Paint Remediation

At one point in U.S history, owning one’s home was the ultimate American dream. Generations of hard-working Americans sacrificed and saved to make that dream a reality.

Even to this day, the percentage of home ownership in the U.S. is 64.2%, and in 2017, new homes built and sold totaled 612,000 (source: U.S. Census Bureau). All these new homes have one major feature in common: they are all finished with a professionally-installed roof.

If you are currently a homeowner or thinking about buying a home and becoming a homeowner, a home inspection will have to be conducted on the property you are thinking about purchasing. And part of the process that home inspectors provide involves checking the roof and evaluating the need for lead paint remediation in a house.

These two aspects of by home inspectors are particularly related to each other if the home is not new. Having a reliable roofing company check out the condition of a roof in a home you might purchase can save you lots of time and money down the road.

Why is that? Because, roof replacement, as projects go, is a big project. It’s not a project you want to tackle if you don’t have to. In fact, for the number one factor when deciding on which new roof to purchase in a recent survey, 88% of consumers said that durability was a prime factor in their choice of a new roof. When purchasing a home, the buyer may not have this responsibility; it may be the seller who may be responsible.

But there is another, very important factor about home inspections as far as roofing repair and lead paint remediation services are concerned. What is this factor? It is health: the health of you, your family and those who may be residing in the home or property that you might be purchasing.

Even if the roof is in really good shape, there may be the presence of lead paint, if, for instance, it was used in the trim and areas surrounding the roof itself. This is discovered and verified by a lead based paint inspection.

Lead paint has been proven to be proven to be very hazardous to one’s health, particularly to the health of children. If the presence of lead paint is detected, it must be removed safely; and this requires the process of lead paint remediation. Another scenario to consider that might require lead paint remediation is when there is roof damage (such as from a storm, for example). Lead paint may be released into the atmosphere from damage to the structure as a result of a storm. Again, this is when the process of lead paint remediation is a very reliable way to make sure that unsafe toxins are eliminated.

Yes, home ownership is still an American dream. And fortunately, the process of lead paint remediation is available to make sure that living spaces are safe and healthy for those who are residing in the home, and that the structure does not house any contaminants which may be harmful to the environment. Then it will truly be a “home sweet home”.