Great Gifts For Craft Makers Closet Organization Items

Right now, there are so many craft makers and artists across the country that make a living off of their products. However, being an artist or craft maker is not easy as there are so many tools and items used in the creative process. that is why the best gift for artists you know comes in the form of closet organization items.

The website Etsy was created for artists in the United States and across the globe to sell the items that they make. When Etsy surveyed 5,500 of its United States sellers, it found that that 97% worked from home and 74% considered their shops to be businesses, not hobbies. As a result, using closet organization items like modular cubes, modular cube storage, and home organization products are so helpful. Here are more facts on closet organization items and other modular cube storage system options!

In the average home in the United States, you will find nearly 300,000 items. This is just a normal home and does not even begin to get into the realm of crafters and artists. So that is why closet organization items are so great for artists. They could be even be used by a standard American.

Crafters are younger than the population in general. About 35% of crafters are between the ages of 18 and 34; 37% are between the ages of 35 and 54, and 28% are over the age of 55. So this means that most crafters are over the age of 18 years. So this means that they can definitely use closet organization items to clean up where they live and store away items.

Research from the Association for Creative Industries shows that crafting is becoming more popular. In 2010, only 56% of all United States households participated in crafting. As of 2017, 63% of American households enjoyed craft time. This is over half of all homes and there is no doubt that these houses are stuffed with extra art utilities and items. So they would love to use closet organization items for their homes.

Crafting can release dopamine. A study published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy found that 81% of respondents with depression reported feeling happy after knitting. So if you know someone involved in crafting then there is no doubt that you are going to want to give them closet organization items to support their healthy activities.

There are an estimated 21 million quilters in the United States According to NPR, the average American home has nearly tripled over the past 50 years. As they triple, there will be even more items inside. People think that when they have a bigger home then they can store more items inside. However, it can lead to a mess happening at all times.

The Daily Mail says that over the course of a lifetime, people spend 3,680 hours or 153 days searching for misplaced items. Research shows we lose up to nine items each day, or 198,743 throughout our lives. As a result, there is no doubt that the average family would use closet organization items well. It will help reduce the time they spend trying to find old items or lost items!

In Conclusion

Every single year there are people across the country that are going to lose items. As things get bigger, like homes, then the items that are inside will grow in numbers as well. So do not be afraid to get great home storage furniture that you can use to help store away items and keep your home clean. If you can properly clean up and organize the items in your home then you will feel cleaner and healthier every single day of your life!