Furnace Maintenance Tips

The furnace is an important part of our homes. If you ever have any problems with your furnace you should call a professional to help you. To prevent needing repairs, let’s look at some furnace maintenance tips that you should be following.

Before you can start the furnace maintenance there are a few supplies that you should have. Make sure to bring a brush, gloves, a vacuum, a screwdriver, and an air filter.

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All of these tools are important in keeping your furnace functioning correctly.

The first part of the maintenance is to replace the air filter. The air filter cleans the air before it goes into your house. This is important in ensuring that you are breathing clean air. Take the old filter out, and if it is dirty put the new one in place.

In the next step of the process you are going to clean the inside of the furnace. Take off the panel and use the vacuum to get out any dust or other debris. You can also use this time to find any damage that needs to be replaced.

Every furnace has a blower. The blower is what blows the air into your house. It’s important to clean this part as well. Make sure to get all of the dust off the blower.