Four Surprising Facts About Amish-made Goods

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Are you shopping for Amish shed designs? What makes Amish shed designs so much better than the shed you buy from the big box store down the street from you? To answer what makes Amish shed designs superior, we need to give you a quick background on Amish shed designs and the horse and buggy riding, bonnet wearing, land-working culture behind them:

Four Surprising Facts About Amish-made Goods

  1. Amish furniture doesn’t always look like it belongs in your Grandma’s cabin.

    Because of the longevity of their goods, when you picture Amish products, you might be picturing something that is over a century old. It’s true, the Amish are known for quilts and fireplaces, but you might be surprised to realize that the Amish produce modern-looking goods as well. In fact, many custom pergolas, corner sheds, and beautiful garage designs that grace the pages of home magazines are designs that come from Amish workshops.

    If your design tastes are reminiscent of farm houses of yester-year, you’ll certainly find Amish that suit your design sensibilities. However, if you’re more keen to modern and contemporary design styles, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for in an Amish workshop, but with more quality than a product off an assembly line from one of those big box retailers.

  2. Getting your hands on Amish goods is as easy as ordering a pizza.

    We’re serious. A common misconception about Amish furniture is that it’s only accessible to the areas around the Amish communities; the people who can visit in person and take their furnishing home with them. However, there are many good Amish-made goods accessible to the rest of the United States via the world wide web. We recognize that this might seem unusual, since the Amish (seemingly) shun the internet itself. In our modern age though, there are dealers in Amish goods who will work on your behalf to order the Amish sheds, gazebos, and even barns that you want, and will have it delivered to your doorstep, no matter where you live!

  3. You might notice something missing in Amish artwork.

    Almost anything produced by the hands of an Amish craftsman is made with precision and quality — some might say it’s flawless even. However, you will notice one stark quality about anything produced by Amish hands — you’ll never see the image of another human. Indeed, even Amish-made dolls are marked by their elaborate clothing and detail, but no face. The reason for this is that Amish take the passage of the Bible to have no graven image literally. Man was made in the image of God, and by creating an image of man, you’re essentially creating an idol, which violate the Ten Commandments. While it might make for a peculiar looking doll, they are representative of Amish culture, and go for a pretty penny in Amish shops — a price tag tourists are willing to pay.

  4. The Amish aren’t stuck in the stone age.

    The actual guidelines that each Amish community follows are determined by the elders of the community themselves and vary from one area to the next. For the most part, you won’t find an Amish community that embraces electricity; however, that doesn’t mean they abstain from any technology. Most homes use gas generators to keep their refrigerators cool and their hot water heaters hot. While most Amish people drive horse-drawn buggies, if you offer them a ride in a car, it is within their guidelines to accept it (perhaps, the technology is already wasted, whether or not they take your ride.) In the Amish shops that produce some of the world’s finest furniture and structures, you will find modern tools, powered by hydraulic equipment.

    The Amish craftsmen who produce goods that last for generations have the technology to create any kind of structures or furnishings that you’d get from any other furniture manufacturer. But what you won’t find at a big box manufacturer is the hand-build and superior quality that the Amish are known for.

The Amish are very unique and interesting people, and the products they create are no exception. When you’re making an investment in a shed, or a pool house, a pergola, or just need a piece of furniture in your home, you can’t go wrong with a piece created in an Amish workshop!