Five Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

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The hardened, cynical detective is a part of our culture. We see him in Calvin and Hobbes, in Batman, in Dick Tracy, in Chinatown or in Castle. But when we think about actually hiring one of these guys, like they actually exist as well as their daring adventures, it seems weird.

However, private investigators are out there, waiting to be hired. The next question is, why? Why would I ever find myself googling something like “private detective Miami” or “private investigator los angeles” or “private investigator Miami?” Here are five reasons you would hire someone off that list from “private detective Miami.”

5. You want to spy on a rival company.

It sounds a little bit like Jurassic Park or some other movie from the nineties, but the fact remains true. Detectives are very skilled at digging up dirt and getting the right information out of the right people that might tip the hand of a business competitor.

4. Someone has your assets and you need to know where he or she put them.

You could have been a victim of identity fraud, or been conned or even your ex husband or ex wife could have some of your money stored away in a foreign bank account. Private Detectives take this kind of work all the time.

3. You were adopted and need to learn who your biological parents are.

Perhaps you googled “private detective miami” so that your hardened PI can find your biological parents to get some info out of them. Like say their medical records so you can find out if a disease is genetic or perhaps you are simply curious after so many years.

2. You wish to conduct a background check on somebody.

It could be the girl you trusted to nanny your children or it could be a potential employee or simply someone you do not trust. So you scan the results of “private detective Miami” in the hopes of finding some dirt on someone, or in the hopes of finding nothing. This is a big line of work for private investigators.

1. You suspect your spouse of cheating.

This is the top reason someone would find themselves searching for something like “private detective Miami.” In fact, if you googled “cheating spouses miami,” the top hits would be private investigators. I think “private detective Miami” would also show some of the same results, in fact.

Basically, what it all boils down to, someone would google “private detective miami” to get some information that they would not be able to obtain otherwise.