Finding the Right AC Repair Service Can Help You Avoid Some Very Hot Days and Nights

Are you looking for the best local air conditioning repair service providers? Do you have questions about how to better take care of your heating and cooling system between maintenance checks? Are you dealing with a heating or AC breakdown and need help sooner rather than later to address the issues at hand? Your local HVAC company and local contractor can be your best source of help and guidance for these kinds of heating and cooling needs.

Whether you are dealing with the AC broken in the house, heating issues in the winter, or need emergency AC central air repair services, these pros are ready to go to work for you. They have the skills and experience and training necessary to address, fix, and prevent problems that are commonly seen with home heating and cooling systems. Contact them today have them come out to do a heating and ac diagnostic check or to see what the issues might be with your system. Taking action sooner rather than later can save you a great deal of time and money and can also ensure your family stays comfortable ahead of the coming season!

You are thankful that the temperature has dropped a little as you sit her waiting for the AC repair person to arrive. Not surprising, on this one of the hottest weekends of the summer, there were many home owners who were in need of AC repair. You are keeping your fingers crossed that a repair call is all that you will need, and that this will not result in an expensive replacement event.

Summers are the time when air conditioners quit and winters are the time when furnaces start acting up. Rightly so, because it is during the coldest of days in the winter when you are asking the most of your furnace. Likewise, when the temperatures climb into the upper 90s every day of the week is when you are most dependent on the air conditioning in your home.
Most home and business owners rely on their heating and cooling systems to make sure that their properties are both safe and comfortable. In fact, the latest statistics indicate that as many as 66% of Americans now have air conditioning in their home. Unfortunately, even though we are so dependent on the home cooling and heating systems in our homes, only 42% of home owners call a professional to perform routine maintenance on their air conditioning system. Not surprising, however, is that of those home owners who follow through with these recommended visits, 40% of those air conditioners have a longer lifespan.

It seems interesting that while so many people take the time to take their vehicles in for recommended routine maintenance, there are so many home owners who neglect the recommended care for their home HVAC installation.
Consider some of these other facts and figures about the furnace and AC repair industry and the impact that it can have on the nation’s comfort, as well as the energy that is used:

  • Making it the largest energy expense for most property owners, heating and cooling account for about 48% of the energy use in a typical U.S. home.
  • High quality HVAC units last an average of 12 years.
  • Using more air conditioning than all other nations combined, 84% of all homes in the US. have some sort of air conditioning.
  • In an effort to save money, more and more property owners are installing programmable thermostats, a device that can save up to $180 in air conditioning costs each year.
  • Each degree you drop a thermostat by in the winter will save you a minimum of 3% on the heating bill, according to the Department of Energy.
  • In fact, the Department of Energy estimates a savings of 10% a year for homes which adjust thermostats by seven to 10 degrees for eigth hours a day.

You can hope for a break in the heat if you are dealing with an air conditioner that is not working up to its capacity, but you would be far better off if you called in a licensed technician to deal with the repair and maintenance of one the most important investments in your home.