Effective Mobility for Seniors

From the time we take our first steps, mobility becomes something most of us under age 65 take for granted on a daily basis, unless we break a leg or sprain an ankle (or decide to become a professional skateboarder). But for the elderly, it becomes a reality of life: Each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four Americans aged 65 or older will fall due to health issues including dizziness and osteoarthritis.

For many seniors, a loss of mobility is not only a debilitating function, but it can have profound psychological and social impacts as well. A fear of falling is a serious concern many will face and can result in a decline of social engagement and activities and can bring on depression and isolation.

Luckily there is a simple, inexpensive solution to regain mobility for those who suffer from these health concerns. Mobility devices such as canes, or walking sticks, are a great companion and an ideal way to increase mobility that will in turn help strengthen and improve overall muscle tone.

Today’s selection of walking sticks include a wide selection. From stylish canes to classy canes, folding canes, to umbrella canes, there are numerous styles that are designed to fit any personal preference.

Walking canes come in many different materials, like wood, carbon, or titanium, and the carbon fiber cane continues to be one of the most popular walking assistants because of its lightweight, ergonomic quality and low cost. Carbon fiber canes can range in price around $45-$50 and comes in a choice of grips, lengths, and padding for optimum comfort.

There are many health benefits to using a carbon fiber cane:

  1. Back and joint improvement: A walking cane will help to redistribute and displace body weight from your back and hips to the stick and your arms, which reduces pain and pressure, and supports improved posture.
  2. Balance Improvement: Having a lightweight walking stick like a carbon fiber cane helps maintain balance over uneven surfaces by stabilizing body weight and helping to reduce walking fatigue, helping to increase energy.
  3. Confidence Boost: A newfound freedom is experienced with the assistance of a walking cane to help regain the mobility to become social once again. Many seniors can continue to live an active lifestyle with stronger muscle tone, more energy, and less joint and back pain.
  4. Independence: Having a way to be completely mobile and walk freely, without the aid of a wheelchair or another person, is a huge improvement in a person’s quality of life and will help restore their confidence and well-being.

Today, for almost 7 million Americans who have become disabled because of mobility health issues, assistive walking devices like carbon fiber canes provide a simple way to profoundly regain walking functionality, improve health, and regain confidence to once again live freely.