Clearing Up The Myths Of Movers

Moving is an occasion to celebrate for many, the idea of moving away to a new location is both anxious and thrilling—a sensation we can’t seem to get enough of. The U.S population alone accounts for a great deal of movers who can’t tend to stay still too long—approximately 43 million Americans move every year, and the average person moves nearly twelve times during their lifetime. Whether it be a lifestyle change or a busy schedule—we are always on the move. That’s why movers are such a beneficial resource for those of us looking to move but require moving assistance to make their dreams a possibility. The need for movers has grown exponentially in the last decade, as more people’s profession requires relocating to a new post to perform their assigned duties—about 40% of all movers are related to work, 42% deal with personal moving reasons, and 18% are connected to a required military/government relocation. However, even with most Americans moving, people are still confused on some aspects of movers we’re here to clear up.

Do You Tip Movers?

There has been a long misconception about whether or not to tip movers, but the resounding answer is, yes. You should undoubtedly tip your movers, because it’s labor-stricken work that requires standing, bending, and lifting for hours on end. A good tip is not only appreciated but remembered the next time you need moving help.

How Much Do You Tip?

There are numerous factors to determining how much you tip your movers. Typically, a $20 tip is an ideal amount, and you won’t hear complaints or nasty glares. There can be a difference in the tip amount depending on if it’s a commercial or residential moving service. However, if you’re a meticulous person that wants to account for all their services before calculating the tip, make sure to include the distance traveled, the amount of furniture, how difficult the move was, weather conditions (nearly half of moves happen during the summer between May and Labor Day), and the quality of service. All these factors are imperative to think about when tipping your movers properly—after all, you wouldn’t tip your server if you had a terrible dining experience, so why tip your movers for unsatisfactory services?

What If I Can’t Afford To Tip?
There are other ways to show your appreciation to your movers besides cash. Most moving professionals are hot, hungry and tired from their tedious job and would like nothing more than a short break. Providing a small cooler with cold water/drinks and snacks is always a great token of appreciation and creates a strong professional bond between you and the movers. Likewise, preparing or buying lunch, breakfast or dinner is another excellent way of showing gratitude if you can’t afford monetary compensation.

How Do I Find A Good Moving Professional?

A lot of people have moving horror stories, which can make those moving slightly uneasy about their experience. But not to worry, most bad movers have reviews to match and if you’re still uncertain about their level of professionalism and quality, speaking to them over the phone or checking references is a helpful resource to ensure you’re receiving top-tier services to make the transition of moving to a new home as smooth as possible. Depending on where you live or are moving to, there should be a list of movers available to contact regarding their services. For example, movers in Alexandria, VA, Ashburn, VA movers, and Fairfax movers are all regarded as quality moving professionals that would be idea for a person moving to Virginia.