Bed Bug Infestation Shuts Down Missouri Hospital

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A Springfield, Missouri hospital shut down last week after cleaners discovered a bed bug infestation. The hospital closed for several days after officials confirmed a case of bed bugs in the hospital’s waiting room. Bed bugs in medical environments are especially problematic, especially given that a single bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in its short lifetime.

Beg Bugs Shut Down Missouri Hospital

“On Tuesday, June 10 our housekeeping staff reported possible bed bugs in the waiting room of our Neuro Trauma Intensive Care Unit. The waiting room was closed and a local pest exterminator is treating the area. Our environmental services department (EVS) will thoroughly clean the waiting room before opening it later today,” the hospital staff explained in an statement. Although the specifics remain unknown, hospital officials say the bed bugs likely came from personal belongings in the waiting room. The hospital encouraged family members to consider long-term solutions for accommodations, instead of spending days and nights in the waiting room.

Do You Have Bed Bugs In Your Establishment or Home?

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First, bed bugs will leave physical signs, including exoskeletons, little black dots, and sometimes even specks of blood. Some particularly astute business or home owners may notice less obvious signs, such as weird smells. According to bed bug experts, areas invested with bed bugs may smell musky and/or sweet.

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