Are You Thinking of Buying a Rural Property?

Texas farm land for sale

Have you ever thought of going back to the land? Whether it’s agricultural farms, livestock ranches, equestrian estates, sporting properties, timber land or recreational ranches, a piece of rural real estate of your own is one of the definitions of freedom. Think peace, quiet, clean air and water, helpful neighbors who are not intrusive, and sweeping vistas. If that sounds like something you’ve been searching for, a good place to start is looking at online listings, which have everything from Rocky Mountain ranches to Texas farms available for purchase.

A peaceful environment
There’s something about farms that appeals to people at a very deep level. Whether they’re looking to grow food, raise horses or cattle, create a retreat for writers and artists, or set aside land for conservation, many people dream of being able to get away to a quiet and peaceful environment. The U.S. is actually one of the leading industrial nations of the world, with a total of 2,102,010 farms and annual agricultural exports worth $136.3 billion.
While the average size of a farm in the U.S. is 435 acres, family and private farms are somewhat smaller. They are residential and recreational properties as well as commercial ventures, and may have very different purposes and goals. Whatever your reason for buying a farm, it’s a good idea to begin your search online with listings of rural real estate that give you detailed information about the properties for sale. With listings of everything from fishing property to Texas farms available for purchase, this may be the beginning of a journey to a lifetime goal.

Conservation land
With a greater concern for the environment and conservation nowadays, farmers and land owners are taking steps towards preserving and improving the land. Many people will buy land specifically for the purpose of conservation, to preserve clean air and water. Forested land covers 751 million acres. That’s one-third of the total area of the U.S. Nearly two-thirds of this land, or 60%, is privately owned.
Private owners value forested land because of its value in preserving clean air and water. Each tree absorbs more than 10 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. Two-thirds of the watersheds that form the source for the nation’s drinking water supply are located in forested areas.

Steps to preserve the environment
Private landowners have a strong interest in conservation and they plant around 4 million trees a day. Over the course of one year, that adds up to five frees for each inhabitant – every man, woman and child – of the U.S. Farmers, ranchers and other landowners too are interested in careful stewardship of the land.
With help from farm bill initiatives, they have installed more than 2 million miles of conservation buffers. This buffers prevent erosion and improve soil, air and water quality. They provide wildlife habitat and recreate the natural beauty of each region. Since 1982, stewardship and conversation initiatives by farmers have reduced wind and water erosion of farmland by nearly 50%.

Horse farms and ranches for sale
Cattle ranch land and equestrian estates for sale give you a chance to get a foothold in the horse industry. Counting horse owners, service providers, employees and volunteers, 7.1 million Americans are part of the horse industry. This involves the raising, breeding and sale of horses. Texas farms available for purchase give you an opportunity to follow your dream of owning a horse ranch.
Cattle ranches can also raise other livestock like cows, sheep, goats, and llamas. All of these contribute to the economy is significant ways.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to live on a farm, finding Texas farms available for purchase can turn your dream into a reality.