Are You Looking for Drastic Treatment Options for a Loved One Who Is Struggling with Addiction?

Ibogaine therapy

The late night social media posts should have been a warning sign. The fact that those posts went on almost nonstop during the hours when most people are sleeping should have been especially alarming.
While your son was attempting to hold down a full time job during the day he was apparently staying up most of the night sending out warnings. And while you originally thought that the pictures that were clearly taken at his home on in is bedroom were an indicator that at least he was at home instead of out clubbing with friends, looking back through those posted photos is haunting. He may have been home instead of out on the town, but he clearly was still making pretty bad choices.
Closer examination of the posted photos indicate drinking, and maybe some drug use. When you thought he was doing well, he was likely spiraling out of control and into a situation that was both dangerous and unhealthy. For all of these years when you thought you were giving your son what he needed and wanted, you now find that you may have simply been giving him the freedom to be lazy and get everything he wanted without working for it.
Once you and your husband decided to cut your son off financially, you were excited to see that he was actually holding down a full time job. The 40 hours at work, however, were only part of the story. The tip of the iceberg. Turns out his depression is back with a vengeance. The morning you received the phone call that your son had not been to work in two days, you knew that something was wrong. The pills beside his bed were the only good sign. At least you knew that he had not taken them all. Now you find yourself looking for a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center that can help.
The one that looks most promising even offers Ibogaine for depression in an attempt to help stabilize the patient enough to let other treatments work. This treatment center where you are taking your son has even had success with methamphetamine addiction treatment options, as well as adderall addiction treatments. Until you get a full screen back on your son, you are not totally sure about what kind of drug use you are dealing with, but as parents you have decided that it is best to plan for the worst. Fortunately, you have the resources to pay for this opportunity. An opportunity, that whether or not it uses Ibogaine for depression or other innovative approaches, will really have an impact this time.
Finding Treatment for a Loved One Who Suffers from Depression Can be a Difficult
Did you know that by the year 2014 there was an estimated 130 million Americans who consumed alcohol on a regular basis? This number is staggering, especially when you realize that the excessive alcohol use might lead to even larger addiction problems with dangerous drugs. Current research, in fact, indicates that as many as 2.6 million people with addictions have a dependence on both illicit drugs and alcohol.
In a country where some of the very medications that are being prescribed are leading to some of the worst addictions, it may come as no surprise that 10 years after the popular pain medication OxyContin was introduced to the market, it generated $3.1 billion in profits. It also accounted for as much as 30% of the entire prescription painkiller market. For all of the benefits, however, OxyContin and other powerful prescriptions pretty addictive. For this reason, some drastic measures like using the same Ibogaine for depression as a way to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms from opiates and other narcotics is becoming increasingly popular.
Although expensive, Ibogaine for depression or Ibogaine to help addicts avoid life threatening withdrawal symptoms can be effective. In fact, some of the latest research indicates that Ibogaine is remarkably effective for obviating nealry 98% of the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with opioid withdrawal. The Ibogaine treatments can also produce a significant reduction in future cravings for stimulants and alcohol.
Extreme measures are sometimes needed if you want to have a chance to rescue a loved one.