3 Fun and Easy DIY Hacks to Get Creative With Your Makeup Storage

If you’re one of the 82% of women who say that wearing makeup helps them feel more self-confident, there’s a good chance that you have a not-insignificant collection of makeup products to help you create your favorite looks.

But without a proper storage system for all your beauty products in place, your vanity can quickly take a dark turn — looking more like an episode of Hoarders than the place where you do your makeup every morning. Disorganized makeup collections can also cost you precious time — The Daily Mail has reported that the average person spends 3,680 hours looking for misplaced items around the house!

And while your vanity doesn’t necessarily need to look like a Sephora store, there are definitely a variety of simple DIY hacks that can take your makeup storage and organization from basic to beauty-licious. Here are some of our favorite solutions:

A plant pot with decorative rocks

If you own dozens of makeup brushes, filling a clean plant pot with decorative rocks or pebbles can be a great way to keep them in one place. The rocks aren’t just for decoration; they’ll also keep your brushes securely standing in place. You get bonus points if you glue the pot on top of a desk carousel so you can spin it around to easily grab your favorite brush without missing a beat.

A bookcase and craft cubes

Another DIY solution to your makeup organization? Get a small white bookcase and insert clear craft cubes or bins to sort your makeup into categories. You’ll never have to waste time rummaging through your lipglosses to find your mascara ever again.

A magnetic board

Did you know that makeup products like eyeshadows and blushes come in a metal pan? This makes them magnetic — meaning that you can easily affix them to a magnetic board on your wall when they’re not in use. It’s a great way to show off your impressive makeup collection. If you cover the board with a collage or fancy wallpaper, it can double as wall art.

Makeup is all about experimenting with your creativity — so why not get just as creative with the ways you store your makeup? Whether you go for a corner organizer, a piece of craft organization furniture or a desk carousel, the possibilities for your makeup collection are endless.