The Benefits of Urgent Care and ER Under One Roof

Urgent care facility for kids

When seeking help, many folks head to an urgent care or the emergency room. What if they didn’t have to choose? What benefits would be available to them? Here are a few benefits associated with this combination model.

This Serves a Dual Purpose

Providing an ER and urgent care under one roof makes everything easier for folks, regardless of their diagnoses. They can head to advanced diagnostic and laboratory services if their doctor requests it. If they go in for a simple problem that turns out to be serious, they don’t need to drive to the emergency care. Instead, the whole issue is handled in the same building. This cuts down on wait times and makes things easier for everyone. Combination urgent care and emergency centers are helpful since rural hospitals have been shutting down at a steady rate since 2013.

Folks Save Money When Offered the Option

Many people turn to emergency services when they think they have no other option. This is not a bad thing, but it can run up their bill quickly. For example, going to the emergency room for flu treatment costs more, versus what urgent care would bill. The average urgent care bill is around $100, versus an emergency treatment for comparable service, which is $300. If folks are able to turn to a combination facility, they will find help that manages everything from difficulty breathing to advanced diagnostic and laboratory services.

Many of the Services Used in the Emergency Room Could be Treated in Urgent Care

Often similar services are performed in both centers. But over 50% of all treatments that take place in the emergency room could be outsourced to urgent care. Having the option to pass certain cases off to urgent care is better, offering doctors the chance to treat severe emergencies. This saves doctors and patients alike time and helps the facility run smoothly.

Combination ER and urgent care facilities have a lot to offer folks. Using a model that offers both emergency and urgent care makes serving patients easier, saves them money, and allows them to refer them to other services quickly and without any problems.

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