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Preparing to Sell? Work with a Real Estate Agent to Simplify the Process

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Do you have a house for sale? If you’re planning to put your house for sale on the market, it goes without saying that you want a solid return on your investment. As a result, you may not be surprised to learn that many prospective buyers will pay more for certain features.

When renovations are needed, or if there are plumbing and/or electrical issues, approximately 32% of recent buyers usually expect to pay less. Recent home buyers that purchased previously-owned homes also reported that they expected to pay approximately 32% less than the asking price when any of these issues were present.

Three of the features that prospective home buyers will pay more for, however, are ensuite master bathrooms, new kitchen appliances, and central air conditioning. A recent survey showed that 49% are wi

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Resort Like Retirement Community? Sign Me Up, Please!

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Are you retired and looking for the perfect getaway? Or do you want to invest in a lovely property now to retreat to on vacation from time to time? Do you dream of resort-style amenities and beautiful waterfront views? Dream no more — that can be your new reality! You should look into real estate based in communities that specialize in creating a luxurious and safe environment for people of all ages. Retirement age people find these types of communities especially attractive because of the vibrant community available, the safe neighborhood atmosphere, and

Four Common Mistakes People Make Buying Land

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Buying a piece of land and building your home on it is what the American dream is all about. If you’re looking at land for sale in your area, your dreams are probably a lot bigger than just the roof over your head. Maybe you want land for recreational opportunities such as hunting or using ATV bikes, maybe your dream is to have a lake property, perhaps you have agricultural plans for the land. Whatever the reason you want your own piece of land, here are some common mistakes realtors often see first time land buyers make while shopping for land for sale:

  1. Buying the land for the land, not the area

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When Settling Down, Don’t Settle for Less

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The move into a new home can be difficult, especially when you’re leaving an empty nest. Not only are you leaving a place you may have lived for what seems like forever, but you’re leaving familiar people and places behind. Leaving a place you called home is never easy, but that doesn’t mean that finding a new home has to be difficult!

People in Generation X account for nearly 30% of all new home sales. So no matter how alone you may feel in your search for a new home, there are countless people in the same situation! A relaxed lifestyle is ideal for most retirees, and there are amazing real estate opportunities for just that, especially co

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