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Choose Land O’Lakes (Not the Butter, Silly, the Place)

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Why We Chose one of the Modern Homes in Land O’Lakes

Land O’ Lakes, Florida, has grown a great deal in the past 20 years. As of this year, there are almost 32,000 people living here.

New neighborhoods, shopping, and schools have been built, and officials recently reopened Land O’ Lakes Community Park, with a football and practice field, a softball field with new dugouts and lighting, paved walking trail, a concessions building with meeting and rest rooms, an open space to be used event field, and new parking lots and playground.

And as if that weren’t enough, we average 248 sunny days a year here, that’s almost 70% of your days spent in the sun. It’s a fantastic place to live.

Top Reasons We Bought one of the Modern Homes in Land O’La

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Working With A Home Builder Tips For New Homeowners

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Have you thought of buying a new home? It’s a decision that can be both easy and difficult — while building times and price is more significant than your average apartment renting, modern homes come with ease of convenience, a surrounding community and your own personal touch. Your home is an important decision that ideally will last anywhere from decades to future generations and one way to cement what you want is by working with a home builder. Everything from heating costs to architectural design to the neighborhood go into making a home ideal, so look below to learn a little more about what homeo

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What First Time Home Buyers Should Understand About the Real Estate Market for a New Home

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For home buyers, the real estate market today offers more choices than ever before. From options for first time home buyers to the many modern home design choices offered by master planned community developers, there are now more options for home buyers. In fact, some may say that the current market is a “buyer’s market,” meaning that now is the time to purchase a home.

Part of the process for many first time home buyers comes from understanding the real estate market for a new home. For example, a home that has many offers from buyers will likely go to the highest bidder with the fewest seller concessions. Location also factors into the real estate market for a new ho

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