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Three Things You Don’t Know About Amish Woodworking

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Amish woodworking is something that has existed for centuries. But just because it has existed for centuries doesn’t mean that everyone knows about it — and in some ways, perhaps that is why Amish craftsmanship stands heads and shoulders above the rest. While some crafts companies have really devolved into mass production, ignoring the art form of woodworking, Amish woodworking keeps a high level of quality that can’t be ignored. The Amish remain relatively secluded from the rest of the world — and for that matter, they want to keep it that way in many senses. Yet they’re also smart businesspeople and know the value of their crafts. The rest of the world is beginning to recognize that value as well. The great thing about Amish craftsmanship is that it can be applied to both decorative pieces and practical

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