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How Did California Farmers Turn This Desert State into an Agricultural Superpower?

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The Midwest has been called the breadbasket of America, with the Great Plains region growing much of the grains the country depends on for some of its most vital foodstuffs. Texas is home to almost as many cattle as human beings, and is both the economic and cultural heart of the American cattle ranch industry. But in the past century, it’s California that has established itself as the dominant agricultural center of the United States.

Not only is California one of the largest economies in the entire world, but it is by far the largest agricultural center and crop producer in the entire country. When it comes to cash crops and exports, the Golden State’s top three exports are almon

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Vacations in Areas of Vistas and Views Provide Family Relaxation


What does your family do when they need to get away from the busy schedules of school, sports and careers? Have you ever noticed that unless you completely remove yourself from your commitments, they manage to creep their way into the time you planned to spend away? It’s not surprising, really. Successful parents and children are people who take their commitments seriously and it is often difficult to separate yourself from the practices, the deadlines, the homework, and the responsibilities.

As successful and reliable as you are though, it means less when you can not find the time to stay connected with each other. A vacation away from your commitments can mean the opportunity to reconnect, reenergize and resume the enjoyment of being together.

One vacation opportunity that will really allow your family to leave co

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