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The Interesting History of Church Furniture

Second hand church pews

On Sundays, many people go to church and sit upon church furniture throughout the service. But have you ever thought about the church steeple history, or that the pews you are sitting upon might be antique church pews? Chances are, you have not, and it’s quite the shame considering the incredible pew and church steeple history that most churches have. If you’re interesting in learning more, read on to find out!

Pews Weren’t Always a Thing
Pews were not always what they are today. In fact, before the reformation, pews were referred to as closed seats that were reserved for particularly indiv

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Easy Shopping Options for Church Furniture

Church steeple crosses

Investing in church furniture is tempting. Many folks don’t realize that antique church pews,church steeples or even just church steeple crosses can be purchased and re-purposed for use in your home. Dramatic? Sure. But finding church steeples for sale and other pieces of church furniture is easy. It’s finding the pieces in excellent condition that can be challenging, which is why people often look to buy it newly made. Here are three things to consider when thinking about buying new or used church pews:
If you’re in the market for brand new church pews, you can buy from a manufacturer. sales c

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