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Three Cool Ways to Transform Your House Into a Home

Nautical home decor

There are three types of people in this world — those who are bursting with home decoration ideas, those who have no idea how they want to decorate their houses, and those who know just what they want. The trouble is that the first two groups have a lot of trouble decorating their houses. One has so many ideas it doesn’t know what to do with them, while the other simply has no clue what they should do.

The bad news is that the odds are pretty good you’re in one of these groups. The good news is that we’re here to help. Here are a few great suggestions you should consider when turning your house into a home.

An Artsy Bathroom.

As relaxing as an oceanic themed bathroom can be — with its cool colors and peaceful imagery — it’s pretty overdone. Why settle for the banal whe

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