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A Step by Step Checklist for Cleaning Sheds and Garages

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Cleaning out a shed or garage can seem pretty daunting. It’s easy to come up with excuses as to why you don’t have time to do it. Your cat is sick. You have to take the kids to soccer practice. You have to wash your hair. The point is, the space is not going to clean itself, and the only person who is actually going to do it is you. Here is a short, step by step guide to cleaning garages and sheds that will help you get the project done in no time.

1. Evaluate What You Need
The first step in cleaning sheds and garages is to take stock of exactly what’s in it and whether or not it needs to be kept. Make three piles for things: one pile to donate, one to keep, and one to throw away. Be honest with yourself about where

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