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How To Plan A Successful Party Everyone Can Enjoy

Jump house rentals

Throwing a party and making sure it has all of the right elements can be stressful. You want everyone to enjoy themselves, and that means guests ranging from young children to adults. Whether you’re trying to put together a birthday party, a church event, or a school event, organizing the party can be tricky. Here are five ways to make sure you include all the right elements so that everyone can have fun!

1. Invest in a bounce house

Bounces houses are a great addition to any party because it gives children something to enjoy while their parents and other adults are chatting with other guests. It’s also a great workout for anyone of any age. In fact, a person uses 14 muscles throughout his or her body when they jump. Imagine how many calories you must be burning when you’re in a bounce house! It’s

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Custom Handmade T-Shirt Quilts Are the Perfect Memory Gift

Custom tee shirt quilt

The handmade quilts are the perfect gift. Filled with gymnastics t-shirts from the last 12 years, your daughter can enjoy thinking back to the memories as she snuggles under the custom t-shirt quilt. A few of the pieces are especially fun:

  • The purple gymnastics square that features the size eight girls t-shirt, as well as the silhouette of a gymnast in the middle of a backbend. Although you only but a single square from this shirt in the quilt, it could have been a easy one to repeat since several of your daughter’s young teammates had the exact same shirt. At the time, one of their most popular clothing stores came out with a new gymnastics themed outfit about once every two months. Every time your daughter looks at this square, she is certain to smile at the memories of herself and her fri
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