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Couples Counseling Could It Save Your Marriage?

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Divorce is often referred to as an “epidemic” in the United States. Certainly, divorce rates in this country are high compared to those in other nations. Right now, it’s estimated that 40% to 50% of first marriages end in divorce and 60% of second marriages end in divorce. Ultimately, this ends up equaling in a divorce every 36 seconds, 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 divorces per week, and 876,000 divorces per year. Now, this isn’t to say that a divorce is some massive failure. Sometimes, divorce is the best option for everyone involved. Furthermore, the reality is that the rise in divorce rates probably has less to do with people needing divorce more than they once did than it does with people feeling more like it’s socially acceptable to get divorced than they once did. Divorce isn’t something you sh

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Get the Most from Your Couples Counseling Experience with These 6 Tips

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Are you and your partner considering going to couples counseling? If you are, you are not alone. Many couples seek out programs in time of crisis, called marriage intensives, or other counseling to help improve their relationships. The vast majority of these couples report being happy with the experience and the results. More than 98% of the couples who were surveyed by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists said the help they received was either good or excellent. More than 97% reported that the help they received was what they needed. There are some things you can do to make the experience better for both of you.

  1. Go in planning to do more work on yourself than your partner or the marriage itself. That may seem counterintuitive. This is a good rule to
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Are You Thinking of Buying a Rural Property?

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Have you ever thought of going back to the land? Whether it’s agricultural farms, livestock ranches, equestrian estates, sporting properties, timber land or recreational ranches, a piece of rural real estate of your own is one of the definitions of freedom. Think peace, quiet, clean air and water, helpful neighbors who are not intrusive, and sweeping vistas. If that sounds like something you’ve been searching for, a good place to start is looking at online listings, which have everything from Rocky Mountain ranches to Texas farms available for purchase.

A peaceful environment
There’s something about farms that appeals to people at a very deep level. Whether they’re looking to grow food, raise horses or cattle, create a retreat for writers and artists, or set aside la

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