Daily Archives April 26, 2016

A Good Night’s Sleep Takes A Good Day’s Planning

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Every day we learn more and more about how sleep and the lack of it can affect our lives in so many ways. When we examine the data on sleep, we see pretty clearly that the quality of your sleep during the night significantly affects how you function during the day. This is true for babies, adolescents, and adults young and old. In short, sleep affects everyone. So, if sleep affects everyone, then the logical question should be, how can we get the best possible sleep?

The key to getting the best night’s sleep possible varies from person to person, as you might imagine. Finding the right mattress for your body type and comfort level is a good place to begin. For babies, a nice solid mattress will usually do the trick if the bedding is comfortable for the child. Finding the correct size for a baby crib sheet a

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