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3 Reasons a City Apartment is Better than a Country Home

New luxury apartment

It’s an age old debate: City apartment, or countryside house? Some people split the difference and go for a city house, but discount that for the sake of this argument. Many times the decision is made for you depending on a job, family, or other outstanding factors. If given the choice though it’s almost always better to rent an apartment than buy a house. Here are three of the most basic reasons.

    1.) Cost: In virtually every scenario renting an apartment will be cheaper than buying a house. Not just in the money that you spend up front on down payments either, although that’s certainly part of it. About 20% of home owners would have saved money renting according to one study done. Considering approximately one-third of buyers will move within five years before they can bu

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Avoid Annoying TV Remote Codes with Replacement Remotes

Universal remote codes

Remotes have been a thorn in the side of millions of Americans for as long as any of us can remember. Over half of American families have at least four devices in the living room alone that require a remote control, and they quickly end up lost or broken before we ever have a chance to enjoy our new device.

Thankfully, replacement TV remotes are available to expedite the process of taking back your TV watching freedom. We all have that one random universal remote in the drawer that doesn’t even have the same functions as the device we bought it for. With original replacements, set-up is quick, easy, and there’s no messing around with TV remote codes. Here’s a few quick notes on losing your remote, and how replacement remotes can make everything better:

    Losing your remote.

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