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Save Space and Create Memories With Bunk Beds

Black wood bunk beds

The average American house has 5.3 rooms in it. If your house is anything like mine, that .3 is deceptively labeled as a “bedroom”. With the rest of the house being taken up by kitchen, bath, living room and master bedroom, where are the kids going to go? That is where twin bunk beds come into play.

Bunk beds are a great way to give your kids their own sleeping space while utilizing as much space as possible in an otherwise tiny room. And they should be a part of any childhood when forced to share a room with a sibling. The old rivalry of who gets top bunk will always come into play. They will get hours of entertainment climbing up and down the ladder, throwing toys at each other from above and below, and making forts with the top bunk and a big blanket.

Depending upon space, you have plenty of options

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