Should You Rent A Furnished Or Unfurnished Apartment?

furnished apartmentsMost apartment hunters are faced with an overwhelming amount of options. One bedroom or studio? Apartment or townhouse? Long term or short term leasing? But no matter which type of property or lease you select, you then need to decide if you are looking for unfurnished or furnished apartments. The following are just some of the pros and cons of both types of housing.

When your apartment comes with furniture, there is generally less to worry about, but also less freedom.


  • Money Saving: A recent survey found that over 50% of renters considered renting a better choice for living on a budget. Renting a furnished apartment can make frugal living even more doable.
  • Simple Moving: All you will need to move are your personal items. The most essential furniture will already be there.
  • Less Preparation: When moving into a furnished apartment, you will have fewer items on your to-buy list.


  • Lack Of Personalization: When the furniture is already there, you have less of a say on your decor scheme.
  • Higher Liability: Your security deposit might be higher, as you will be liable for any damage to the landlord or property manager’s furniture.
  • Lower Selection: Furnished apartments are generally more exclusive or harder to find than unfurnished.

While unfurnished apartments allow you more freedom, they may break the bank in the long run.


  • More Ownership: It can be beneficial to own your own furniture, since you can take it all with you to your next move.
  • Freedom With Decor: You also have more say over your own decorations, since you get to pick out all of your furnishings.
  • Long Term Incentive: When you fill an apartment with your own items, you might have more incentive to stay.


  • Higher Cost: Buying all new furniture will push your housing budget up quite a bit.
  • Most Involved Moving: You’ll be moving more than just a few boxes when you move into your new apartment.
  • Personal Responsibility: You are also responsible for all of your own items. If something breaks, your landlord will not be the one to fix it.

Your phase of life, decor preferences, and future housing plans may also influence your decision to buy a furnished or unfurnished apartment. Consider your options carefully, since you likely want a living situation that fulfills both your wants and needs.

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