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How to Survive the Potty Training Months of a Toddler’s Life

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Every mother has laid in bed at three in the morning, willing her toddler to stop crying. But he won’t. Why? Because he had an accident. Another one. Why won’t he just get this potty training thing? So, up she gets. She’ll spend the next 20 minutes changing the bed sheets, washing the toddler and changing his clothes and possibly another hour soothing him back to sleep now that he’s wide awake. It’s so tempting to go back to diapers during these moments. We spend so much time wishing that we didn’t have to buy diapers anymore and then during the potty training period, all of a sudden, they are worth the cost. Here is how you can survive those nights without making your child regress in his or her potty training progress.

  1. Double up the Bedding
    This is the ol’ “put two sets of bed clo

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