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Fellow Parents are Your Allies When Dealing with Terrible Twos Behavior

Toddlers picky eaters

Being a parent can be challenging. Even for the most ambitious, resourceful, resilient, and presumably prepared individuals, the moment that your status changes to “parent” when your little one arrives in this world, everything changes. There are books to read and classes to take and advice that is given, all with the intention to help you navigate this new world in which you find yourself, but every new parent will face unique obstacles and challenges that he or she could never have prepared for. From the first day of your child’s life, through all of the formative years, adolescence and beyond, there will be situations that you will find yourself in that you never would have faced as a non parent.

Things do not always go as planned
Many parents learn pretty quickly

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Four Tips On Dealing With Toddler Tantrums

Dealing with terrible twos

Nobody is prepared for dealing with terrible twos — for that matter, nobody is really prepared for parenthood. Children are completely unpredictable. While one toddler may be perfectly behaved, others might be terrible to deal with. The worst thing about dealing with toddler tantrums is that we’re really only human. You shouldn’t feel bad if you find yourself getting angry with your toddler — but you can’t let that anger show, and can’t take it out on the child. They’re barely more than babies after all, and you can’t blame them for their behavior. There are ways you can modify your behavior — and theirs — healthily. The more measured your approach, the more likely the

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