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Should You Rent A Furnished Or Unfurnished Apartment?

furnished apartmentsMost apartment hunters are faced with an overwhelming amount of options. One bedroom or studio? Apartment or townhouse? Long term or short term leasing? But no matter which type of property or lease you select, you then need to decide if you are looking for unfurnished or furnished apartments. The following are just some of the pros and cons of both types of housing.

When your apartment comes with furniture, there is generally less to worry about, but also less freedom.


  • Money Saving: A recent survey found that over 50% of renters considered renting a better choice for living on a budget. Renting a furnished apartment can make frugal living even more doable.
  • Simple Moving: All you will need to move are your personal items. The most essential furniture will already be there.
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Renters Beware US Cities With the Highest Rent Costs

Townhomes in morgantown wv

Some Americans stay in one place their whole lives. They develop deep roots in their hometown and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. In fact, over half (57%) of adults have not lived outside their home state. As many as 37% have never moved away from the town in which they were raised.

On the other end of the spectrum, 15% of Americans have lived in four or more states, and 63% have moved to a new community at least once in their lives. The average American actually moves about 12 times in his or her life.

If you move frequently, you probably rent. You most likely have lived in several different apartments or townhomes in your state or even across the country. You understand the struggle of packing up and

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