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Should You Rent A Furnished Or Unfurnished Apartment?

furnished apartmentsMost apartment hunters are faced with an overwhelming amount of options. One bedroom or studio? Apartment or townhouse? Long term or short term leasing? But no matter which type of property or lease you select, you then need to decide if you are looking for unfurnished or furnished apartments. The following are just some of the pros and cons of both types of housing.

When your apartment comes with furniture, there is generally less to worry about, but also less freedom.


  • Money Saving: A recent survey found that over 50% of renters considered renting a better choice for living on a budget. Renting a furnished apartment can make frugal living even more doable.
  • Simple Moving: All you will need to move are your personal items. The most essential furniture will already be there.
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Tips For Finding Student Housing

Student apartments

In 2013, there were roughly 6,184,229 students enrolled in public, two-year colleges in the United States. Many colleges and universities offer on-campus student housing and off-campus student housing, and it is in the best interest of the student to find the best possible housing arrangements that are both financially wise and responsible.

When arranging off-campus housing, it is important to always do a thorough check for damages and problems before signing a lease. That often includes taking pictures and submitting them beforehand, which can prevent the renter from becoming liable if something were to happen. In addition, if you are moving into furnished campus housing, make sure all the ap

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