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So Many Remotes, so Little Time Get a Grip With These Organizational Tips

Replacement tv remotes

Television. Cable box. Blu-Ray player. Stereo system. My mom even has remote controlled candles. Over half the homes in the U.S. have four or more devices in their living room that need remotes, 335 million of those being TV remotes. Personally, I tend to lose the dvd player remote the most because it has a Netflix button on it (yet does not actually control Netflix. What?). So half the time I have to use the dvd player remote-less, which makes scrolling through menus a pain. Lost of people don’t even bother, since 20% of Americans don’t even use at least one system because they lost the remote.

Places remotes are most often found:

  1. Between the couch cushions (there’s an actual study that says it’s most likely there)
  2. In the kitchen or another room where it should not be
  3. The
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