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3 Healthy Food Ideas For Even the Pickiest of Toddlers

Healthy foods for picky toddlers

As any parent can tell you, finding healthy foods for picky kids is nearly impossible. Dealing with a picky toddler is like trying to tell a dictator hell bent on world domination to chill out for a bit — it’s just nearly impossible.

However, all hope is not lost. Check out these 3 healthy food ideas that even the pickiest of toddlers will eat right up.

Yogurt Parfait
Every toddler loves dessert. However, the sugar and empty calories associated with sweet things like ice cream are seldom good for a growing child. But with fruit and yogurt parfaits, it’s possible to make a delicious sweet treat made with healthy food for picky kids that they are guaranteed to like. To make a yogurt parfait, layer an ice cream sundae cup with your yogurt of choice, berries, granola, c

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